Since having my first baby in February of this year it is amazing to see how much he has learned and developed through play. I’ve been asking the other mothers in my mother’s group what sorts of games they play with their little ones and what they think their children are learning from these games.

Play isn’t just about fun. Play is the key to learning. It’s no secret that children learn through play.  Babies learn language, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, develop fine and gross motor skills, rhyming, rhythm and many other skills through play.

The games that these mothers play with their children are mainly aimed at developing language. This is very important and no doubt will aid their children in the development of their language skills.

I have always seen Mathematics as a language and I became curious as to how I could teach my baby to speak Mathematics. I remember being told about babies having an innate ability to learn languages when they are young and so just as I am teaching him the English language I wanted to teach him the language of Mathematics.  I will talk more about specific maths conversations you can have with your children in a later post.

During my thoughts on Maths as a language, I stumbled upon Glenn Doman’s video, How to Teach Your Baby Math. This blew my mind! He states that when children and adults only learn the symbols for numbers, for example 5 is a symbol representing a quantity of five, the symbol alone does not allow them to perceive the quantity and thus they cannot fully understand and absorb the meaning of the numeral 5.

My almost six month old baby, Anthony, has had many fun lessons since he was around three months old. I have sat him on my lap in front of the computer and shown him flash cards of random dots from one to ten. As the dots come up I tell him what it means. We have been reading lots of number books and have been singing counting songs as well.

Here are some other fantastic ideas I’ve found on how to teach an understanding of quantity rather than just symbol recognition and we are enjoying adding these activities to our playlist.


I will report back to you on how this works for us as we continue to learn the language of Mathematics as the months progress.

If you’re also trying something similar, or even something different to this, to teach your baby the language of Mathematics we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Starting in October we have a Mums and Bubs Activity Session starting that will teach you a range of games to play with your babies and young children to help them become fluent with the language of Maths. Be sure to register your interest today!

Photo credit: bisbiglio [in arte “sbibbì”] / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND