As the summer holidays approach we always need new ideas and activities to keep the kids interested and also engaged. So how about a Summer Statistics project? This will give your kids a chance to collect some data, read some meters, create some graphs and charts while also providing them with an awareness of energy and water conservation.

In today’s post, we take a look at water conservation.

Throughout the summer we’ll all be urged to conserve as much water as possible. Your local water corporation will have targets for households to meet and you can discuss these ideas with your kids and get them involved in monitoring your consumption over the summer months.

Each day at about the same time, take your kids out to the water meter and record the reading. It’s great for them to get used to different meters and reading the gauges and this one is a particularly easy one to read. Then by subtracting yesterday’s reading, work out how much you have used that day and record that in a table. We have a table for you to use for most of December and all of January this summer.

Some governments around Australia have set targets around the 100L to 200L mark per person per day. How is your household doing?

Chart your usage by drawing a column graph of your consumption, very much like the column graph you are given with your electricity, gas and water bills. We’ve got a graph you can use here, you simply enter the date on the horizontal axis. We’ve put an example for the first recording.
As you watch your usage you might like to discuss with your kids ways to save water and get them thinking about water conservation with this great resource.

Stay tuned for the next Summer Statistics activity – Energy Consumption.

Photo credit: Lotus Carroll / / CC BY-NC-SA