As the summer holidays approach we always need new ideas and activities to keep the kids interested and also engaged. So how about a Summer Statistics project? This will give your kids a chance to collect some data, read some meters, create some graphs and charts while also providing them with an awareness of energy and water conservation.

We’re often urged to be mindful of our electricity consumption during the summer months and to avoid using a lot of electricity during peak times or cranking the air conditioner. You might like to get your kids involved with monitoring electricity usage throughout the day and watching what happens when using different appliances. If you have solar panels, you might like to monitor the amount of energy you’re creating each day as well.
Collect statistics on the amount of energy used by some of your appliances. Turn off everything except the fridge and watch how much electricity it uses for about 5 minutes or so. Turn the air conditioner on and monitor its consumption. Do the same with the washing machine, the kettle, the computer and the pool pump. Do this with as many appliances as your kids find interesting. With your results draw a column graph to compare the electricity consumption of each appliance. This will help teach your kids an awareness of what they are using and when, and will help them develop responsible habits.

You can also monitor your usage each day, similar to how you are measuring your water consumption, and chart your consumption on a different column graph to notice any peak days or if you prefer, peak times.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas and activities in our Summer Statistics series. They contain just a few ideas for getting your kids involved with some hands-on statistics over their summer holidays, while also helping them become informed and aware of their use of energy and water.

What other activities might you like to collect data on this summer?

Photo credit: the_exploratorium / / CC BY-NC-SA