It can often be challenging to get young active kids to sit and practise their maths skills when they’d much rather be running around outside to play. With the World Cup currently attracting young and old alike to soccer, why not capitalise on this and have your children interact with some soccer games that also help them consolidate some important maths skills?

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Mental calculation skills are an important building block for all future progress in maths. This game lets kids choose what to work on, choose an international soccer team to play for and to play for penalty shots against another team. Great fun!

Working With Fractions

Students can almost always use more revision of their calculations involving fractions, especially when it comes to simplifying them and fluidly completing a variety of sums.

Each of these games allows kids to choose a male or female character. Each time they answer a calculation correctly they get to have a shot at goal.

Try any and all of these:

Visualising and Working with Angles

What’s more natural to a game of soccer than knowing your angles? This game encourages kids to get the angle (and the parabolic arc) right to kick balls so that they can either knock over referees, opponents or kick goals. There are various levels and obstacles to keep the kids entertained for awhile.

Are there any sport-themed games that you have found which can help kids practise their maths skills? What are some other ways you engage your children to help them consolidate their skills?

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