ATAR Practice Tests

Year 11 and 12 Mathematics practice tests aligned with the Australian Curriculum

Why do students need practice tests?

When it comes to studying maths effectively, students need to work on their test technique. Their ability to draw on all on they’ve learned and apply it, under timed constraints, to unseen problems, is critical at this stage in their schooling.

Working from the textbook and other similar resources is where the initial learning and construction of knowledge takes place. Sitting for tests and exams is another skill entirely, and a skill which we don’t often have enough time or the necessary resources to address adequately.

When you think about it, it seems strange to base student achievement almost entirely on test taking, and yet not equip them with the necessary resources to fulfill their potential.

We saw the need and we’ve created a powerful resource to help students excel.

What does this resource include?

  • 72 Year 11 practice tests – 36 (18 for Unit 1 and 18 for Unit 2) for Year 11 Applications and 36 (18 for Unit 1 and 18 for Unit 2)for Year 11 Methods
  • 48 Year 12 practice tests – 24 (12 for Unit 3 and 12 for Unit 4) for Year 12 Applications and 24 (12 for Unit 3 and 12 for Unit 4) for Year 12 Methods
  • Each unit is broken down into its 3 sub-units
  • A 1:2 ratio of Calculator Free to Calculator Assumed questions
  • Instead of the usual 7:3 ratio of routine to challenge questions, these papers contain a larger proportion of challenge questions so that students can develop their higher order thinking skills and strategies.
  • Each test is timed at 45 minutes and 45 marks are allocated accordingly
  • Each test comes with complete worked solutions
  • All curriculum dot points are addressed in this full suite of papers
  • Purchasing this resource means having full access to all tests for all students at your school, and the permission to print class sets and/or make them available via your school’s intranet/portal.
  • From 2016 purchasing these papers gives you a lifetime license
  • From 2016 you will be able to access both PDF and Word versions of these tests
Contents Mathematics Applications Practice Tests

Unit 1 Topic 1:  Consumer Arithmetic      

  1. Skills in percentage, Ratio and Rates (Calculator Free)
  2. Applications of Rates, Ratios and Percentage (Calculator Free)
  3. Applications of Rates, Ratios and Percentage
  4. Currency and Shares
  5. Budget, Spreadsheet, Unit Pricing
  6. Simple and Compound Interest

Unit 1 Topic 2: Algebra and Matrices

  1. Formulae and Equations (Calculator Free)
  2. Calculations with Matrices (Calculator Free)
  3. Matrix Applications 1
  4. Matrix Algebra and Operations
  5. Tables and Formulas including Spreadsheets
  6. Matrix and Equations Applications

Unit 1 Topic 3: Shape and Measurement

  1. Perimeter, Area, Surface Area and Volume (Calculator Free)
  2. Similar triangles and Scale/Ratio (Calculator Free)
  3. Pythagoras Theorem
  4. Perimeter, Surface Area and Volume (Circles, Cones, Cylinders, Spheres etc)
  5. Perimeter, Surface Area and Volume with Enlargements/Reductions
  6. Maps, Building Plans, Scale Drawings

Unit 2 Topic 1:  Univariate Data Analysis and the Statistical Investigation Process      

  1.  Interpret Graphs, Tables, Data and Distributions (Calculator Free)
  2.  Standard scores and Normal Distribution (Calculator Free)
  3.  Comparing Data Sets
  4.  Statistical Calculations
  5.  Normal Distribution
  6.  Boxplots

Unit 2 Topic 2: Applications of Trigonometry

  1.  Non-Calculator Trigonometry (Calculator Free)
  2.  Right Angled Triangles
  3.  Non-Right Angled Triangles
  4.  Area of a Triangle
  5. Mixed Applications Including Bearings

Unit 2 Topic 3: Linear Equations and their Graphs

  1. Linear Equations and Solving Equations (Calculator Free)
  2. Linear Graph Skills (Calculator Free)
  3. Line Graph Applications (Calculator Free)
  4. Piecewise Graphs
  5. Simultaneous Equations and Applications
  6. Line Graph Mixed Applications 1
  7. Line Graph Mixed Applications 2

Unit 3 Topic 1:  Bivariate Data Analysis      

  1.   Associations Between Categorical Variables
  2.   Associations Between Two Numerical Variables
  3.  Line of Best Fit
  4. The Statistical Process and Mixed Bivariate Data Analysis

Unit 3 Topic 2: Growth and decay in Sequences

  1.   Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Linear Recurrence (Calculator Free)
  2.  Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Application (Calculator Free)
  3.  Applications of Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence
  4.  First Order Linear Recurrence

Unit 3 Topic 3: Graphs and Networks

  1. Euler’s Rule, Constructing Networks, Shortest Path (Calculator Free)
  2.  Adjacency matrix and shortest path (Calculator Free)
  3.  Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs
  4.  Mixed Graph and Network Problems

Unit 4 Topic 1: Time Series Analysis     

  1.  Analysing Time Series Graphs
  2.  Time Series Skills and Applications
  3.  Application of Time Series II
  4. Time Series and Bivariate Data – The Investigation Process

Unit 4 Topic 2: Loans, Investments and Annuities

  1.  Recurrence Relation and Compound Interest
  2.  Reducing Balance on Loans
  3.  Annuities and Perpetuities
  4.  Mixed Applications of Finance

Unit 4 Topic 3: Networks and Decision Mathematics

  1.  Trees and Minimum Connector Problems (Calculator Free)
  2.  Project Networks
  3.  Assignment Problems
  4.  Mixed Applications of Networks

Contents Mathematics Methods Practice Tests

Unit 1 Topic 1:  Functions and Graphs     

  1. Linear and Quadratic Functions and Equations (Non Calc)
  2. Non Linear Functions (Non Calc)
  3. Linear and Quadratic Equations and Functions
  4. Proportion, Reciprocal and Square Root Functions
  5. Circle and Cubic Functions
  6. Function Notation, Function Transformations, Domain and Range

Unit 1 Topic 2: Trigonometric Functions

  1. The Unit Circle, Radian Measure and Trigonometric Equations (Non Calc)
  2. Trigonometric Functions and Trigonometric Identities (Non Calc)
  3. Trigonometry and Applications
  4. Trigonometric Functions and Applications
  5. Arc Length and Sector Areas
  6. Mixed Trigonometry Applications

Unit 1 Topic 3: Counting and Probability

  1. Pascal’s Triangle, Binomial Expansion, Combinations (Non Calc)
  2. Sets and Set Notation (Non Calc)
  3. Counting Techniques and Probability – Combinations
  4. Probability Laws
  5. Relative Frequency, Probability and Tree Diagrams
  6. Mixed Counting and Probability

Unit 2 Topic 1: Exponential Functions

  1. Index Laws and Surds (Calculator Free)
  2. Scientific Notation and Exponential Equations (Calculator Free)
  3. Exponential Functions and Graphs
  4. Exponential Function Applications

Unit 2 Topic 2: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series

  1. Arithmetic Sequences (Calculator Free)
  2. Geometric Sequences (Calculator Free)
  3. Applications of Sequences (Calculator Free)
  4. Mixed AP GP Applications 1
  5. Mixed AP GP Applications 2
  6. Mixed AP GP Applications 3

Unit 2 Topic 3: Introduction to Differential Calculus

  1. The Derivative and Rates of Change (Calculator Free)
  2. Differentiation and the Anti-Derivative (Calculator Free)
  3. Applications of Differentiation (Calculator Free)
  4. Rates of Change Applications
  5. Curve Sketching
  6. Rectilinear Motion
  7. Optimisation
  8. Mixed Applications

Unit 3 Topic 1: Further Differentiation and Applications

  1. Differentiation Techniques (Calculator Free)
  2. Applications of Differentiation (Calculator Free)
  3. Applications of Differentiation 1
  4. Applications of Differentiation 2

Unit 3 Topic 2: Integrals

  1. Anti-Differentiation Techniques (Calculator Free)
  2. Integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Area (Calculator Free)
  3. Applications of Anti-Differentiation 1
  4. Applications of Anti-Differentiation 2

Unit 3 Topic 3: Discrete Random Variables

  1. General Discrete Random Variables
  2. Binomial Distribution
  3. Discrete Random Variables – Mixed Applications 1
  4. Discrete Random Variables – Mixed Applications 2

Unit 4 Topic 1: The Logarithmic Function

  1. Log Laws and Solving Equations involving Logs (Calculator Free)
  2. Log Graphs and Differentiation
  3. Integration and Applications
  4. Mixed Applications of Logs

Unit 4 Topic 2: Continuous Random Variables and the Normal Distribution

  1. General Continuous Random Variables (Calculator Free)
  2. General Continuous Random Variables (Calculator Assumed)
  3. Normal Distribution
  4. Mixed Applications of Discrete and Continuous Random Variables

Unit 4 Topic 3: Interval Estimates for Proportions

  1. Random Sampling
  2. Sample Proportions and the Central Limit Theorem
  3. Confidence Intervals
  4. Applications of Interval Estimates



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