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The aim of all these activities is to play mathematically with your child and to help build your confidence in your ability to provide a maths education for them.

None of these activities require great artistic ability or craft skills, and for most of them you can find objects around your house to use to explore these activities or adapt as necessary.

The most important requirement for each activity is for you to enjoy doing them and for you to feel comfortable talking with your child about what they are learning and exploring. With babies in particular, the stimulus from your words is important to the overall learning experience.

Babies Aged 6 months to 12 months

Developmental Phase: Sitting, Crawling or Starting to Walk

Container Crazies for Babies

This activity is designed for your baby to explore objects with like properties through a variety of senses and is an introduction to classifying.


This activity provides you with a number of ways to introduce counting into your everyday interactions with your child.

Discovery Bottles

This activity helps your child explore objects with like properties through the senses of sight and sound.

DIY Sensory Boards

This activity helps your child explore quantity using most of their senses and is an introduction to counting.

Flats and Curves

This activity is an introduction to shapes and their properties in both two and three dimensions.


Toddlers Aged 12 months to 18 months

Developmental Phase: Crawling, Walking and Starting to Talk

All of the above plus:

Cardboard Box

This activity explore two and three dimensional understanding of shapes and space.

Container Crazies

This activity allows your child to explore three dimensional shapes and their properties developing a strong spatial awareness.

Container Crazies 2

This activity explores concepts of volume and capacity using informal measurements.

Containers and Balls

This activity promotes problem solving and spatial awareness.


Toddlers Aged 18 to 36 months

Developmental Phase: Walking and Talking

All of the above plus:

Clever Counting

This activity helps you to explore counting, addition and subtraction using a counting-on method.

Egg Carton Measuring

This activity encourages counting and the use of informal units to measure everyday objects.

Magic Counting Machine

This activity is a wonderful game to introduce and develop the important concept of addition.

Potato Patterns

Using this familiar activity you can begin to teach your child the foundational skills of algebraic thinking.

Quantity Scavenger Hunt

This activity is a great way to teach counting and the representation of number and quantity.

Shape Scavenger Hunt

This activity teaches your child to recognise and name common two and three dimensional shapes.

Wacky Weighing

This activity is a great way to explore measuring mass with informal units of measurement.


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