Today we have a really simple activity to do with your baby that teaches them mathematics and algebraic ideas through movement.

This activity is like line dancing for babies, but will just use their hands and arms. Together you will do a short sequence of movements and then repeat them as many times as it is fun for both you and your baby to do so.

For example, together with your baby you might do the following sequence:

“Hand up!” – you put your left arm in the air while your baby copies and puts their right hand arm up.

“Hand on face!” – you put your other hand on your face and your child will copy.

“Hand on leg!” – you put your raised arm down on your leg and help your baby do the same.

“Hand to me!” – and you help your child move their hand from their face to connect with yours in a high five.

This sort of sequence not only teaches movement but also the idea of reflection and mirroring as well as following a sequence of movements in a pattern.

Here are a few hilarious videos of babies copying movements:

Copying Beyonce – as you watch this video, it seems at first that the baby is just bopping along to the music. As you watch closely you see that they are trying to mimic some pretty complicated moves!

Copying Daddy’s gestures in conversation – this is a great one to see just how enticing it is for babies to want to copy your movement and do what you do.

The Power of Copying games for Bonding with your child – this is a wonderful video explaining how and why you should encourage your baby to copy and mirror your movements and how central it is to their development.

We would just love to see some videos you have made of your interactions with your baby. Please share a link with us in the comments below.

Photo credit: demandaj / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA