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Suggested Ways to Use These Tests

To gain the most value from this resource we recommend doing one or more of the following:

  • With 36 tests there’s enough for one test a week and this is a great way to help students form a structured revision habit and to teach them that study for maths involves DOING, not reading.

  • You can put them up on the school intranet and leave it up to your students to take the initiative to use them.

  • You can print out class sets of the tests you like best, give them to students and then go through the answers together in class. This allows you to discuss mark allocation, strategy and alternative solutions.

  • Set students a practice test to complete and have them mark their own work and then complete a self-reflection, reflecting on where they need further revision and what goals they can set themselves for their upcoming test.

  • Choose a question to give students for homework after each lesson to help them consolidate the core ideas.

Practice Tests

Please find below each of the practice tests for you to download. Each test is a pdf, and includes a copy for students to write on, followed by the worked solutions for all questions.

The balance of routine questions to more difficult problems requiring higher order thinking is weighted more heavily towards difficult problems. While when you create your own test papers the recommended split is 70:30 in favour of routine questions, for practice tests it is more effective to stretch and challenge students so that they may ensure that their revision is thorough.

PLEASE NOTE: At present, only Unit 1 tests are available. Unit 2 tests will be available on this page during the week commencing on the 20th April.


Sub-Topic 1:  Consumer Arithmetic    

Skills in Percentage, Ratio and Rates (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T1.pdf’]

Applications of Rates, Ratios and Percentage (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T2.pdf’]

Applications of Rates, Ratios and Percentage

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T3.pdf’]

Currency and Shares

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T4.pdf’]

Budgets, Spreadsheets, Unit Pricing

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T5.pdf’]

Simple and Compound Interest

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T6.pdf’]

Sub-Topic 2: Algebra and Matrices

Formulae and Equations (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T7.pdf’]

Calculations With Matrices (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T8.pdf’]

Matrix Applications 1

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T9.pdf’]

Matrix Algebra and Operations

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T10.pdf’]

Tables and Formulae, including Spreadsheets

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T11.pdf’]

Matrices and Equations Applications

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T12.pdf’]

Sub-Topic 3: Shape and Measurement

Perimeter, Area, Surface Area and Volume (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T13.pdf’]

Similar Triangles and Scale/Ratio (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T14.pdf’]

Pythagoras’ Theorem

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T15.pdf’]

Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, Volume (Circles, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T16.pdf’]

Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, Volumes with Scale Factors

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T17.pdf’]

Maps, Building Plans, Scale Drawings

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU1T18.pdf’]


Sub-Topic 1:  Univariate data analysis and the statistical investigation process

Interpret graphs, tables, data and distributions (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T1.pdf’]

Standard scores and Normal Distribution (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T2.pdf’]

Comparing Data Sets

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T3.pdf’]

Statistical Calculations

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T4.pdf’]

Normal Distribution

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T5.pdf’]


[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T6.pdf’]

Sub-Topic 2:  Applications of Trigonometry

Non-Calculator Trigonometry (Calculator Free)

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T7.pdf’]

Right Angled Triangles

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T8.pdf’]

Non-Right Angled Triangles

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T9.pdf’]

Area of a Triangle

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T10.pdf’]

Mixed Applications Including Bearings

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T11.pdf’]

Sub-Topic 3:  Linear Equations and their Graphs

Non-Calculator Linear Equations and Solving Equations

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T12.pdf’]

Non-Calculator Linear Graph Skills

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T13.pdf’]

Non-Calculator Line Graph Applications

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T14.pdf’]

Piecewise Graphs

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T15.pdf’]

Simultaneous Equations and Applications

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T16.pdf’]

Line Graph Mixed Applications 1

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T17.pdf’]

Line Graph Mixed Applications 2

[S3FILE file=’MGpapers/MGU2T18.pdf’]

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