A great way to encourage your child to practise their calculations is with a game of Maths Hide and Seek.

All kids love to play the detective, solve a puzzle and crack a code, and this simple activity allows them to do all of these.

The game is simple – choose an object to hide somewhere around the house, write the location of the object in code and have your child crack the code and find the object by solving some maths calculations.

Which object you choose to hide is up to you, but we recommend that it is something motivating! The answer to each calculation you give should correspond to a letter in the alphabet. So if the answer is 5, the letter is E.

Let’s do an example together. I’ve hidden something in your house and here is the code to crack:

Clues 2

Have you cracked the code? Let me know where you will find the hidden object by leaving a comment below 🙂

Try this with your child and see how much they enjoy it. Hopefully they’ll love it so much that they’ll want to create a code for you to crack – and if they do, then they’ll really be demonstrating some advanced mathematical thinking.

Photo credit: theloushe / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND