On the back of the popular Lego movie, kids are more interested than ever in playing with their Lego and creating their own Master Builder masterpieces!

Why not make the most of this and slip in a few maths activities for your kids to engage with while they’re open and receptive to using Lego in new ways?

After a little bit of searching around on the web, I’ve found some truly amazing, interesting and engaging activities that you’ll love. The best thing is that they don’t really require anything other than Lego and some input from you. Some of these activities even have printable worksheets so that your child can record their findings during their mathematical investigations. I love the interwebs!

Exploring numbers and multiplication tables with Lego

Lego bricks are an easy way to explore arrays visually. All this means is that kids can create and see their multiplication tables before their eyes and also explore special number relationships like Square numbers. Check out this page for some great activities, including how to visualise the many factors of 48 with Lego brick constructions.


Learning Fractions with Lego

I’ve just finished teaching a big unit of work on fractions with my Year 7 classes. Many students are still struggling with their fraction work, often because they don’t have a solid foundation in what a fraction is, and often because they don’t have fluid knowledge and understanding of their times tables. More time spent as a younger child on these sorts of Lego activities would allow kids to gain a firm foundation of these concepts by engaging their kinesthetic, visual and spatial learning.

This activity from Frugal Fun for Boys is an excellent example of how a few Lego bricks and some imagination can make for an engaging and educational learning experience. Check out her follow-up articles provided at the end which give more maths Lego activities, including some more for learning multiplication tables.


Activities for Teaching Fractions with Legos

Geometry and Spatial Learning with Lego

Geometrical properties and understanding are increasingly becoming an important part of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Understanding these properties intuitively is an important early developmental stage to allow for further abstract investigation as children get older.

This activity from Love 2 Learn (whose Monday Math Hop we love!) is an excellent way to get creative and also learn about line and rotational symmetry.

Using Lego in Other Learning Areas

This article is a great one with 20 activities to use with kids ranging in age from toddler through to teenager and in a variety of different learning areas. Lego can be used to inspire learning in biology, chemistry, physics, writing and history. It is such an awesome (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll like how I slipped that word in) toy and a powerful learning tool for all ages.