This video is the first in our next Homework Help Video Series – Mental Strategies. In this video we’ll take a look at how to teach your child to add two digit numbers using a mental strategy rather than a written strategy.

We suggest the following approach to successfully help your child with this strategy:

1. Begin by doing a few sums using pen and paper as shown in the video.

2. Next, do a few more sums, this time writing the sums on paper, but working them out verbally together with your child.

3. Without using any paper, ask your child to calculate a sum purely mentally.

With practice they will become very confident and efficient with this strategy, enabling them a more fluid experience of their maths calculations.


We’ll be focusing on topics that we know from our teaching experience are most helpful and most appreciated by parents. Please let us know, either by email or in the comments below, if there’s any homework topic you’d like to help your child with and we’ll create a video 🙂