Here is a fun poem to share with your children over the dinner table. It’s a bit silly but a lot of fun. It teaches skip counting by 3’s. Try come up with a poem of your own over dinner to skip count by twos, threes, fours or fives. This could be quite a laugh at the dinner table. Thinking of rhyming words and coming up with a poem as a family is not only great fun but it is also excellent for your children’s cognitive and language development. Throw in the skip counting as the theme for your poem and you’ve just about covered all bases!


Lollies lollies I love to eat,

I cannot stop when I start this treat,

I cannot have just 1 or 2,

No way Jose, that just won’t do.

I start with 3 then 6 then 9,

Now 12 I’ve eaten in no time,

3 at a time I always take,

Next is 15 make no mistake.

3, 6, 9, 12 fifteen,

Delicious lollies like jellybeans!

18 and then twenty one,

I really must stop and go for a run!


Our inspiration for Dinner Time Maths comes from Laura Bilodeau Overdeck who is the brainchild of Bedtime Math, a brilliant blog dedicated to providing you with ideas to incorporate a maths problem into every day.

Photo credit: davidsilver / / CC BY-NC-SA