Dinner time is the perfect time for conversations and a great opportunity to engage with your children. The idea of Dinner Time Maths is to add a small spark of maths to the conversation. Discuss a mathematical idea as a family or solve a problem together.

Help your children appreciate the importance of maths in their everyday life.

Ask your children how they used maths in their day today. Start by telling them how you used maths in your day. Perhaps you had to calculate the GST on an account, maybe you checked the amount of change you were given at the checkout. Did you estimate how much petrol you could afford to put in or maybe you wanted to double your cupcake recipe. Checking the bus timetable, reading the TV guide and working out how long you have to wait until your favourite show starts, or even calculating the amount of time between lunch and dinner are all simple ways we use maths in everyday life.

Math@Work is a brilliant series by Scholastic aimed at connecting maths to 21st Century careers. It begins with a episode featuring the famous fashion designer from “Project Runway” Tim Gunn talking about the maths involved in fashion and design.

Our inspiration for Dinner Time Maths comes from Laura Bilodeau Overdeck who is the brainchild of Bedtime Math, a brilliant blog dedicated to providing you with ideas to incorporate a maths problem into every day.

Photo credit: davidsilver / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA