Maths 101 For Parents

Sometimes parents who were not terribly good at maths when they were at school, feel overwhelmed by the thought of helping their children with their maths. So we thought that we would provide you with what we feel are some of the basics for you to brush up on. You’ll be surprised at how much easier things may seem when you look at them with your older, wiser eyes.

Having good number skills is one of the most important foundation blocks that children need to build and a lot of this stems from being confident and accurate when calculating numbers. […]

Does the Flipped Classroom work for maths?

Have you heard about the “flipped classroom” idea?
In a nutshell the idea goes something like this:

Technology is now at a level that we can individualise student learning more successfully and no longer need a one-size fits all style of teaching in the classroom. So far, so good.
We still can’t afford to improve staff to student ratios and thus one teacher for every 30 students will still be the model used in most schooling situations. However, if we “flipped” the way in which we utilised teachers, we could come closer to a more individualised learning program for each student.
Instead of […]

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Maths Activities with Lego

On the back of the popular Lego movie, kids are more interested than ever in playing with their Lego and creating their own Master Builder masterpieces!
Why not make the most of this and slip in a few maths activities for your kids to engage with while they’re open and receptive to using Lego in new ways?
After a little bit of searching around on the web, I’ve found some truly amazing, interesting and engaging activities that you’ll love. The best thing is that they don’t really require anything other than Lego and some input from you. Some of these activities […]

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    How to Approach Your Child’s Teacher Without Being Confrontational

How to Approach Your Child’s Teacher Without Being Confrontational

Recently a parent of a Year 12 boy asked me for advice on how best to approach her son’s teacher to inquire about the low course average. She was unsure as to how to do this without putting the teacher offside. Parents definitely have a right to inquire about how things are going in the classroom and request more information about things like course averages and student results, but there are definitely some key do’s and don’ts, which if adhered to, can help you get the information that you need without creating an uncomfortable, confrontational situation. Here are some tips […]

Dinner Time Maths – Tell a Maths Joke

Dinner time is the perfect time for conversations and a great opportunity to engage with your children. The idea of Dinner Time Maths is to add a small spark of maths to the conversation. Discuss a mathematical idea as a family or solve a problem together.

Telling and understanding a maths joke can require a good level of mathematical understanding and therefore telling a maths joke over the dinner table can be a great, light hearted, fun way to teach your children (and perhaps yourself) something new. The more maths you know the more instances you’ll understand internet memes and […]

Should I get a tutor for my child?

As the school year begins and the first assessments are right around the corner, more and more parents start to wonder whether they should get a tutor for their child on top of the other investments they’re making in their child’s education.
Back in the 90s (!) when I was at school not many of my peers had a tutor, and if they did they kept it pretty quiet. These days though it’s not uncommon for students to have at least one tutor, and some for almost all their subjects once they’re in Year 11 and 12.
Tutoring maths has been […]

Back to School – Collection of the Best Expert Advice

Heading back to school for the start of a new school year can be stressful on the whole family. We’ve compiled four of the best articles offering advice to parents on how to ease the transition. All four articles agree that starting the day with a good breakfast and being organised to eliminate any extra morning stress are important steps to getting out the door on the right foot.
Back to School Preparation Tips – Huffingtonpost

Dr Gail Gross talks about how children “take their cue from their parents”. It is important that parents themselves don’t create a big fuss and […]

Summer Statistics – Energy Consumption

As the summer holidays approach we always need new ideas and activities to keep the kids interested and also engaged. So how about a Summer Statistics project? This will give your kids a chance to collect some data, read some meters, create some graphs and charts while also providing them with an awareness of energy and water conservation.
We’re often urged to be mindful of our electricity consumption during the summer months and to avoid using a lot of electricity during peak times or cranking the air conditioner. You might like to get your kids involved with monitoring electricity usage […]

Dinner Time Maths – Discount Sign FAILS

Dinner time is the perfect time for conversations and the perfect time to engage with your children. The idea of dinner time maths is to add a small spark of maths to the conversation. Discuss a mathematical idea as a family or solve a problem together.

Tonight’s dinner time maths discussion revolves around discount sign FAILS.

Start by showing your children this picture.   Ask them what is wrong with the sign and ask them if they can figure out what it should say. This one is just to get them warmed up. This next discount sign fail will allow for a […]

Maths Anxiety is Real

A recently published study by Sarah Buckley on mathematics anxiety indicates that it is a very real phenomenon and may affect around 20% of Australia’s population. In a typical classroom then, around 6 kids feel anxious on a daily basis when faced with the study of mathematics.
From my years of teaching mathematics to students aged from 12 to 18 years, I would estimate that the proportion of students experiencing real stress is at least 20%. As such I have seen my role as primarily being about building the confidence of whole classes so that they are ready and receptive […]