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The Way Kids Feel About Maths Tests

I think this meme says it all – kids often feel reasonably on top of the work they are learning and studying in their everyday lessons, but then they sit down to do their test and every question seems a million times more difficult!
In fact, the most common question we have been asked by parents throughout our teaching careers is:

“My son/daughter seems to understand all the work done in class, they do their homework and you have written positive comments in his/her report, so why are their test results so bad?”
So why do some kids perform so poorly in […]

Financial Literacy – A Story from a Reader

From a recent discussion on our Facebook page we have an absolutely brilliant concept on teaching financial literacy, responsibility and independence shared with us by one of our readers.
Our reader, Evana, describes how her and her husband started teaching their 4 year old about money. She was keen to teach her toddler a sense of value and responsibility when it comes to money. She wanted to help him appreciate what he has and to recognise the importance of giving to others.
After coming across this blog, Evana and her husband Greg decided to try the three pots method in their […]

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    A Conversation About Arithmetic Overheard in the Supermarket

A Conversation About Arithmetic Overheard in the Supermarket

Let me tell you a story about an inspiring mother that I met in the supermarket recently. My husband and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping when a mother and her two young daughters, aged around 7 and 9, came down the same grocery aisle.
This mother was shopping her grocery list  and at the same time she was in turn asking each daughter an arithmetic question.

“What’s 4 x 3?” she asked one daughter.
“12” the daughter answered immediately.
“Good. And what else could give an answer of 12?” she asked the other daughter, who also answered quickly and correctly.

I observed […]

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    Are you passing your dislike for mathematics on to your kids?

Are you passing your dislike for mathematics on to your kids?

While each child is born with their own personality and their own likes and dislikes, much of what they learn to like and dislike comes from observing and interacting with you, their parents.
If you love playing and watching football, it is likely that at least one of your kids will adopt a passion for it too.
If one of your favourite pastimes is cooking and baking you probably have a child eager to get in the kitchen and create some of their own culinary masterpieces.
But what about those things you intensely dislike? And what about your feelings for maths?
I love […]