Educational Philosophy

Parents as Educational Partners

To us, education  is the simple yet powerful equation of a partnership between the parent, the teacher and the child.
Parents play an incredibly important role in educating their children. This role begins from the day they are born and shouldn’t end when formal education begins. Every day we have countless opportunities to provide educational experiences whether through speech, play, song or activities.
It all begins with making learning a natural part of everyday life. Infant education can be a daunting concept but experts agree that if parents facilitate learning for their infants, this greatly improves their child’s ability for reasoning […]

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    Are you passing your dislike for mathematics on to your kids?

Are you passing your dislike for mathematics on to your kids?

While each child is born with their own personality and their own likes and dislikes, much of what they learn to like and dislike comes from observing and interacting with you, their parents.
If you love playing and watching football, it is likely that at least one of your kids will adopt a passion for it too.
If one of your favourite pastimes is cooking and baking you probably have a child eager to get in the kitchen and create some of their own culinary masterpieces.
But what about those things you intensely dislike? And what about your feelings for maths?
I love […]