Educational Philosophy

Flip Homework in Your House – Have Your Kids Teach You

As a teacher, it’s always easy to see which students have mastered a concept ahead of others – they are the ones teaching their peers how to understand and answer a problem. They are often quite animated and excited, and rightly so, because they are proud that they have understood a concept and can help others understand it too. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of mastering some knowledge and having the opportunity to help someone else understand it too, and all during the same lesson.
It was this feeling that really sparked my interest in becoming a Mathematics teacher. […]

A Teacher’s Tips for Parenting

In my ten years of teaching mathematics, I have had the privilege of teaching over 1000 students, many of whom I got to know really well. I’ve taught a variety of personalities and abilities and each student has taught me something about myself. All of these thousands of teaching hours and thousands of interactions with students have taught me some valuable insights that I hope will benefit your parenting.

1.    Kids love to learn
I’ve met students who are lazy learners, stubborn learners or reluctant learners, but in the end they’ve all shown me in one way or another that they […]

Teaching Quantity and the Language of Maths

Since having my first baby in February of this year it is amazing to see how much he has learned and developed through play. I’ve been asking the other mothers in my mother’s group what sorts of games they play with their little ones and what they think their children are learning from these games.
Play isn’t just about fun. Play is the key to learning. It’s no secret that children learn through play.  Babies learn language, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, develop fine and gross motor skills, rhyming, rhythm and many other skills through play.
The games that these mothers play with […]

Why Educational Funding Isn’t the Answer

Educational reform, with the intention of building strong educational opportunities for all children of a nation, is something that all voters can support. Whatever reform is proposed, it is always backed by a plan for significant funding in order to signify the seriousness and importance the politicians are giving to the policy.
The thing is, funding won’t even come close to improving education. Yes, we definitely agree that all students should have access to the resources they need and a comfortable educational environment. Funding is needed to bring equity to physical school environments. But to what extent will that really […]

What You Need to Know About Learning Maths in High School

The transition from primary school to secondary school is both exciting and very stressful, especially for the first born child.
The secondary school pond is always so much larger than the primary school pond. The environment of the school itself is foreign with so many numbered classrooms, lockers, hallways and specialised subject areas, not to mention the hundreds of people walking around who are verging on adulthood.
Secondary schools are well equipped to deal with the main points of the transition. They make sure your child has a supportive form group and contact teacher, they conduct induction days and tours, they […]

The Secret to Your Child’s Happiness at School

A few years ago, in the school I worked at as a Maths teacher, the results from a survey that the school had given to the parents were reported to us at a staff meeting. Our Head of Secondary informed us that the number one reason parents sent their kids to this particular school was so that their children would be happy.
Now this sounds fair enough, but some of my colleagues and I were more than a little concerned as quite a few questions sprang to mind. What sort of happiness did the parents have in mind? How were […]

Helping Your Teenager Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Adolescence is a difficult stage of development for our children to go through, but why do some children cope better than others? The short answer is resilience. When asked about resilience principal clinical psychologist of GroupWorx Psychology, Stefanie Schwartz said,
“Resilience is a word that is commonly used today but is still often misunderstood. The idea of building resilience in your child is building your child’s ability to adapt well; whether it be to minor changes or more significant sources of stress.”

It is sadly not an uncommon occurrence as a high school teacher to be confidentially informed about the fragile […]

Praise versus Presence

There is a tendency in modern parenting and in current educational practice to praise children for even the most minor of accomplishments or behaviours. We now have the ability to record and report everything children do and I’m sure you know some parents who do just that, clogging your Facebook feed.
Why is there so much praise? Certainly children are becoming more conditioned to receive praise and expect it in return for completing tasks or even starting tasks. But could it be that it has been utilised as a shortcut in parenting?
With time at a premium (or it is at […]

Financial Literacy – A Story from a Reader

From a recent discussion on our Facebook page we have an absolutely brilliant concept on teaching financial literacy, responsibility and independence shared with us by one of our readers.
Our reader, Evana, describes how her and her husband started teaching their 4 year old about money. She was keen to teach her toddler a sense of value and responsibility when it comes to money. She wanted to help him appreciate what he has and to recognise the importance of giving to others.
After coming across this blog, Evana and her husband Greg decided to try the three pots method in their […]

The Homework Debate

Should kids be given homework or shouldn’t they? This is an ongoing debate with many advocates on either side. With school going back, the thought of homework might be on your mind.
So what do we think about homework here at Education Equals?
We believe homework is both necessary and useful when given for the right reasons and under the right conditions. Let us explain!
As Mathematics educators, we know that most mathematical thinking can and should be developed through well constructed investigative tasks. However, these tasks are virtually inaccessible unless students have a strong foundational toolkit of skills to call upon. […]