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What teachers really think about NAPLAN

When it comes to NAPLAN we know that parents are usually in one of three groups: unconvinced that NAPLAN is worthwhile, indifferent to NAPLAN or they can see that it has some benefits. But what do teachers really think about NAPLAN?

We, at Education Equals, are both high school Mathematics teachers, and we’ve seen many students sit NAPLAN, so we thought we’d answer a few of the most common questions we’ve been asked.

Do students find NAPLAN really stressful?

In our experience the answer is no. By the time students are in secondary school, they are so used to the rigours of […]

Preparing for NAPLAN without practice tests

­­­NAPLAN is about education in Australia. We strongly believe that education is most effective when approached as a partnership between parents, students and teachers. Whether you agree with NAPLAN or not, it makes sense to use it to reflect on the authentic learning opportunities that we make available for our children at home. In this sense ‘preparing’ our children for NAPLAN is essentially ‘preparing’ them for life long learning in literacy and numeracy.

Literacy and Numeracy tests are all about applying foundational skills in reading, writing and mathematics to situations and scenarios. They do not primarily test particular forms of […]

How much preparation is really required for NAPLAN?

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding whether or not preparation is necessary for student confidence and success in NAPLAN. Parents and teachers alike aren’t sure whether they should spend time helping students prepare for tests, and if they do decide to help they’re not really sure of the most effective strategies or activities to employ.

There are many sensationalised stories of kids spending hours and hours sitting practice tests, refusing to go to school and experiencing sleepless nights from the worry and stress caused by the very thought of NAPLAN.

The good news is that there is a middle ground […]

Why kids are scared of NAPLAN and how to help them

The other day I asked the students in one of my Year 7 classes “who’s a bit worried about NAPLAN this year?”

About 70% of the students’ hands went up and a few students had genuinely worried faces.

I then asked them to explain to me and the class what they were worried about. Their responses provide insight into student perceptions of NAPLAN and what we can do to help them feel more confident and self-assured this time around.

Here are some of the common responses and ways in which we can help our children overcome their fears.

“I’m scared I won’t know […]

How to explain NAPLAN to your child

Learning is most effective when students feel that they are a creative force in their own education. It is often the case that children feel that learning just happens to them, rather than growing from them, especially if conversations about their learning are absent.

Whether we’re a fan of NAPLAN or not, it exists as a significant element in your child’s education. But do they really know what it’s for? Do they know how it relates to their own education or even what each test is about? Hopefully these sorts of discussions happen in their classroom, but having a conversation […]

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