Financial Literacy – A Story from a Reader

From a recent discussion on our Facebook page we have an absolutely brilliant concept on teaching financial literacy, responsibility and independence shared with us by one of our readers.
Our reader, Evana, describes how her and her husband started teaching their 4 year old about money. She was keen to teach her toddler a sense of value and responsibility when it comes to money. She wanted to help him appreciate what he has and to recognise the importance of giving to others.
After coming across this blog, Evana and her husband Greg decided to try the three pots method in their […]

Walk the Plank

This is a fun game that you can play with your toddler or young child where they have the opportunity to experience maths concepts. They may not recognise or fully understand the ‘maths’ behind the game at first but this hands on experience can help your child to build an understanding of integers (negative and positive whole numbers, including zero) and how to add and subtract integers. This is a concept that many high school students find very abstract and difficult to understand.
Equipment needed:
Sidewalk chalk

The Game:
This game can be played by either imagining the scenario or by using sidewalk […]

Playing with Containers in Your Kitchen Cupboard

How familiar is this scenario? You leave your toddler alone for merely moments while you duck off to grab something from another room and when you return the entire contents of your tuppeware cupboard are strewn across the kitchen floor.
While infuriating, it’s also interesting just how fascinating your toddler finds these simple and seemingly boring objects. It’s time for some constructive and mathematical play and an opportunity for your toddler to develop some spatial and measurement skills, all with the variety of containers you already have handy.
Here are two learning opportunities that your curious toddler will find engaging.

Matching Shapes […]

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    Make Your Own Odometer: a crafty way to introduce place value and addition

Make Your Own Odometer: a crafty way to introduce place value and addition

Do you have a child who loves cars? This might be just the activity to get their motors running!
In this activity your children will have a car race, but not of the traditional kind. Let them use their creativity in creating a car for themselves out of an empty box. They can decorate it as much as they like. Once that’s done, it will be time to help them create the odometer for their car.
The aim of the game is to see who can reach a 100 clicks of the odometer […]