Heading back to school for the start of a new school year can be stressful on the whole family. We’ve compiled four of the best articles offering advice to parents on how to ease the transition. All four articles agree that starting the day with a good breakfast and being organised to eliminate any extra morning stress are important steps to getting out the door on the right foot.


Back to School Preparation Tips – Huffingtonpost


Dr Gail Gross talks about how children “take their cue from their parents”. It is important that parents themselves don’t create a big fuss and remain “calm, reassuring, optimistic and supportive.” It is important to be organised so as not to add any undue stress or panic with last minute shopping to get the supplies your child needs. Dr Gross describes six other very useful tips for parents, one being to start a bedtime schedule one week in advance of school to help your child get the rest they need. I think this is especially important, as is helping your child get into the routine of early wake ups. I know I always have to do this before going back to school each year.


Get In Gear For The New School Year – Back To School Tips For Parents – Education Department


A post from the US department of Education suggests some tips including regularly reading to your children. I think this is a great tip as it is something which sometimes falls by the wayside when our lives get busy and our kids start school. Sure they read at school but nothing can take the place of the value children get from reading with and being read to by their parents.

Back to School – Kidshealth


This article from kidspot offers a range of great practical advice broken down into the following categories.

  • Battling the Butterflies
  • Back-to-School To-Do’s
  • What About After School?
  • Helping Homework

My favourite piece of advice from the helping homework section is: ‘To ensure kids get the most out of school, maintain an open channel of communication with the teachers by e-mailing or talking with them throughout the school year to discuss your kids’ academic strengths as well as weaknesses.”


For Parents: 12 Tips for a Better School Year – Kidspot


This last article offers 12 practical tips and advice to help mum and dad stay focused, organised and relaxed as they ease their children back into the school year.

Back to school tip number 8 is a great one.  “Learning always starts at home and your child’s mood affects how well he learns. A positive outlook is the best thing you can inspire in your children to keep them performing well at school and willing to tackle their homework.”

The most important thing is that you take this opportunity to model organisation to your kids and that you work with them to build the excitement and motivation to start another school year.

Title Photo credit: OliBac / Foter.com / CC BY