In a week’s time you’ll be sending your kids off to school to start a new school year, and getting your kids to warm up their mathematical brain beforehand will help you, them and their teacher!

As a teacher, the first few days after the holidays (even the short holidays) are always a struggle for students. It’s like waking a bear after a long period of hibernation! Students are weary-eyed and their brains are foggy as they try to remember what learning is all about and how to get their brain into gear. A few activities on the day or two before they start back will do wonders to give them a jump-start into learning from day one.

Here’s a collection of free, online, interactive games that are both fun and a great way to get your kids ready for a successful and smooth start.


This is a great game for teaching kids to add and subtract fluidly. In this game you are given a sum and you have to choose numbers to create that sum.

For example, in the right hand thought bubble you might be given 15, and you could choose a 7 a 9 and a -1 to add to 15. The more numbers you choose to make the sum, the more numbers you “pop” in the brain.

Each level is also harder than the first, giving the brain a great warm up!

Candy Capers

This is a great game for practising your times tables. You can choose which times tables you’d like to work on before starting the game. To progress through each stage of the game you need to collect the candy and avoid the cats! Each candy you want to collect, you must answer a multiplication sum correctly.

Fruit Shoot Division

This is a really great game to help practise division. You get a division sum to solve and you have to shoot the fruit with the correct answer. The best thing is you can choose your level and play fast or slow, timed or untimed. This will get the brain warmed up for sure!


This game is both addictive and excellent for developing spatial skills. Students of any ability level can play and it is a wonderful way of using your mind to navigate and manipulate 2D and 3D space. The aim of the game is to get the block into the hole by flipping and moving the block. Sounds easy, but it’s not! Your kids will love this and will barely realise that they’re preparing the mathematical side of their minds in time for school.

These are my top pics for games to get your kids into the mathematical mindset before school starts. Do you have any favourites that your kids love? I’d sure love to hear about them in the comments!

Photo credit: sean dreilinger / / CC BY-NC-SA