Welcome To Education Equals!

We hope you’ll find your time here both useful and empowering.

We’re all about enabling and encouraging parents to raise mathematically confident children. Most parents feel confident teaching their children the basics of literacy (letters of the alphabet, vocabulary, reading and a bit of writing) and it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to numeracy.

We’re here to remove the anxiety and mystery (and maybe even the unpleasant memories of your maths classes!) surrounding mathematics education. It is critical that the right foundations are created early on, both for the child’s mathematical development and also for establishing a positive educational attitude. Learning is a life-long rewarding process and we want to empower you to embark on this journey together. As such, we aim to support you in supporting your child with a range of resources for ages 2 to 15+.

Here’s a little of what we have to offer:

  • Inspiring and motivational articles illustrating just how important it is to raise children in a numerate household

  • Free, fun and accessible maths activities for every age group that you can explore with your child

  • Easy ways to engage in mathematical thinking and conversation through everyday activities and interactions

  • Video posts on a large range of concepts demonstrating how to help your child with tonight’s homework

  • A range of resources to build your confidence and help you become more proactive in supporting your child and

  • A growing community of parents sharing their challenges, successes and the wonderful fun they’ve had engaging with their children in a new way


About Us

What does Education Equals mean?

It has a double meaning. We’re here to provide guidance on exactly what successful and useful mathematics education looks like, what it equals. At the same time we believe that mathematics education is not the exclusive domain of teachers and tutors, and that parents have an immensely important and equal role to play.


Who are we?

Mirella and Charlene met in 2012 where they found themselves thrown together as desk buddies in a typical mathematics department at a local highschool. Like all teachers do, they shared the wonderfully enriching moments of teaching as well as the exhausting and frustrating moments. While they grew close over a shared love of Ellen Degeneres and The West Wing, their professional concern for wanting to “do more” for mathematics education led them to create this new and pioneering educational space – Education Equals.


Meet Us!

MirellaEducation Consultant
  • An educator with over 15 years of experience teaching mathematics in a variety of settings to a variety of students.

  • A NAPLAN expert who knows the ins and outs of the National Assessment program in Australia and has had a big hand to play in the development of the Numeracy tests.

  • A writer and a philosopher who sees the world differently and isn’t convinced that current schooling is best for children and families.

  • Believes in the smalls things making the biggest difference and wants to concentrate her efforts right here, empowering parents to be confident in all areas of education.

CharleneEducation Consultant
  • An experienced mathematics educator who understands the power of play in transforming education and in creating the largest impact on learning.

  • The mother of a truly gorgeous son who feels privileged to devote time and energy to his educational foundations and experiences.

  • A creative genius – it is truly amazing what can be created out of the simplest objects and the imaginative educational opportunities that can be seen everywhere one looks!

  • A true believer in sharing knowledge and expertise and someone who strongly advocates for the equal partnership of parents in educating their children.