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Teaching Kids to Work Hard

Working hard and applying effort is not something that kids usually encounter when they are young, nor is it something that most children develop naturally as the need arises. Of all the life skills that a child can develop, applying consistent and significant effort to achieve a goal is something that is valuable to learn from an early age. In fact, it is something that I spend a lot of time teaching my younger students in Year 7 and Year 8 to develop and establish by making them accountable for their class work and homework each day.
Let me share […]

Fun With Numbers

My students absolutely love this game and there is so much great maths learning involved. It is something  so easy to recreate and play at home with the whole family. All you need is a 10-sided dice with numbers 0-9 (I am sure there’s an app if you don’t have one, or use this website and the little random number generator in the top right of the screen), paper and a pen. This game will improve their number skills, especially their understanding and appreciation for place value.

Let’s Play
On the paper make this grid.


Three […]

Le Tour – Cycling and Maths

Those who know me know that my interest and knowledge about sport is almost nil. So the fact that I’m writing a second post involving sport, when I just wrote one last week about soccer, amazes even me! But that’s just the thing about maths education – it’s so important to engage kids through what interests them, even if it doesn’t interest you.
My husband is a cyclist, and by that I mean the full deal – fancy bike, lycra, everything. So lately my evenings have been spent watching other men in lycra cycling through some of the most beautiful […]

Dinner Time Maths – Game Show Dilemma

Dinner time is the perfect time for conversations and a great opportunity to engage with your children. The idea of Dinner Time Maths is to add a small spark of maths to the conversation. Discuss a mathematical idea as a family or solve a problem together.
The Game Show Dilemma
A game show host offers you the choice of three doors and the chance to win an amazing prize which is hidden behind one of the three doors. Behind the other two doors is a booby prize. Once you’ve selected your door the game show host opens one of the other […]

Soccer World Cup Maths

It can often be challenging to get young active kids to sit and practise their maths skills when they’d much rather be running around outside to play. With the World Cup currently attracting young and old alike to soccer, why not capitalise on this and have your children interact with some soccer games that also help them consolidate some important maths skills?

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Mental calculation skills are an important building block for all future progress in maths. This game lets kids choose what to work on, choose an international soccer team to play for and to play […]